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Who am I ?

Well, that's a pretty tricky question ! Reminds me my philosophical past...

In two words, here's who I am : 

Named Ioan (yes, with an "i"!)

Born in Tahiti (Island lost in pacific Ocean)

Studied philosophy (till Master degree, then my mind freacked out)

Worked in associations in Greece to help people for years, stopped everything and passed the coaching certification during COVID times.

Like meditation, improv theater, martial arts, authentic connections between people, and many other great stuff ! Pretty passionate about life !

So, happy with the CV - Conventional Identity blabla? Can we go to the core now ? Well get ready because, as I'm taking a big breath now, I'm going to talk from my heart ! 


Well, basically, I'm a nice guy. Already a good point, right ? I've always valued my life and wanted to make the most of it, but I did many mistakes and will still do a lot of them... fortunately ! Because without suffering, what's the point of life ? 

Look, in two words I'm an expert in insomias and sleep issues from when I was a child, and I could add to my CV a good bunch of years of depression, a powerful burn out that fu... changed my life for the best, and a loooooong time of anxiety troubles that that continues today as a friendly reminder of who I am. 

As Thich Nath Hanh says : from the mud grows the lotus ! So here I am, full of past mud and trying to grow my lotus, and I wanna share that with you, I wanna walk with you on the path of suffering transformation, because I know that's how we grow up, together, and if the few I have learnt can be useful to just one person, you, then it's worth the effort.

So, ready to join the boat ? I invite you to send me an email, and just let me know of what is alive in you right now... can take just a few minutes, and I will read it with joy, gratitude and no judgement : we are all the same after all ! And we'll see if I can be useful to you, but sometimes, just a small human sharing is all what we need. 

Email me !