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  • You wanna grow up, but you feel something stops you from being in the flow of your life, and you don't know exactly what it is ?

  • You wanna move forward and create healthy routines, but uh, life drives you away from your goals? 

  • You wanna BE, or NOT to BE, and can't decide on the answer ?

Well, you are in the right place.

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Hi there !

I'm Ioan, coach certified by the International Coaching Institute of Geneva. I accompany people invested in their personal growth, like you, who truely value their life and wanna unleash their full potential and expand their awareness but somehow lack the courage or energy to do it. Or maybe you are already so busy working or helping others that you don't seem to have anywhere the chance to think about it ? 


Maybe the day you feel ready to be in charge of your life and be in the flow of life has already happened. Maybe you were born ready, you feel it, but you are also feeling like soooo many things accumulated like a burden you have to deal with first. And maybe if you are here now reading me, means that you know there is something right in it, isnt'it ? 

Helping Hand

Well, good news !

I'm THERE for YOU ! And you know why that is important ?

After years of meditation and facilitating circles of mindful sharings, I got to realize and feel deeply the power of true listening and presence to another. It actually healed me, and I could say saved me. When is the last time someone truely listened to you ? I don't mean just chatting. I mean being truely there for you, offering attention and empathy, space and love, to whatever you might have to say from the heart, without ever judging you, without trying to change you or to give you a piece of advice that 99% of the time would just make you realize that person didn't really understand you....

And I'm not afraid to call it by its true name : true listening is unconditionnal love, and its effects are life changing. I have seen so many transformations of people being simply gently embraced by those arms of love that I have decided to dedicate my life to it and bring more people on "The road less travelled".  

Now, how to do that ? Listening is nice mate you might tell me, but what about my problems ? Are you gonna tell me how to solve them ?

Here is the trick. I'm actually gonna help YOU to solve them yourself. And to do that, I first had to understand something essential in my life : 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Image by Andrew George

Well, if Einstein said it, that must be true, right ?

But what does it mean ?

For most of my life I've been trying to solve my problems on my own. You know, the : "I'm big enough to deal with it, don't need anyone." or the famous : "If you want to have it done well, do it yourself" ! 

How wrong I was ! Of course, I don't say that you should ask for help for everything and be dependant on other people ! But hey, I was alone in my own head, trying to grab my solutions like a dog trying to grab its tail and turning around for what has been YEARS for some issues ! (Please, don't waste that time !) The key is PERSPECTIVE, change your point of view, and step back for a moment : everything becomes so much clearer ! 

And to do that, thanks to my coaching trainings, I added to my listening and mindful skills the delicate and socratic art of questioning : the art of asking the right question at the right moment. Wow, beleive me, that is gonna save you a good bunch of mind-bullshits ! 

Here is to know more about my very serious degrees :

Image by Tim Mossholder

How may I serve you ?

If you are not familiar with coaching, you can see it as a space of reflexion that YOU offer to YOURSELF, but instead of struggling alone with your mixed feelings and obsessed thoughts, someone is there to listen to you, hold with kindness and benevolence anything that comes up, and asks you the right questions for YOU to find the most beautiful way out of your situation as well as the courage to take concrete actions NOW.

Then, well, it's up to you ! I beleive it needs practice to be truely aligned with oneself, with one's values and actions, especially in a world of distractions and constant changes. And I perceive coaching as an amazing tool to flow with ease in the middle of the beautiful challenges life brings to us ! 

Looks pretty cool, isn't ? We should actually all have a personnal coach in this world... I sure have one myself ! Where do you think I found the courage to do all of this ?

Now if you feel like trying without commiting, I am happy to offer you a free 30 mns call to clarify your situation and see if we are a good fit ! Let's just meet !

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Give it a try !

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I'm there for you

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We are together !

Bring more clarity on your situation !

A 1 HOUR session to have a taste of what the heck is this !

In one hour, you will be back with : 

A clear objective for your issue

The realization of what needs to be done

A proper and concrete plan of action

Definitively worth it to be back on track !


Be in charge of your life !

6 SESSIONS to find your path !

From experience 6 sessions are the most beautiful base to truely transform most of the issues and leave you much freer,  but this is flexible according to you ! 

450 €

Be inspired and inspire others !

6 MONTHS of be-weekly meetings to transform on the long term !

For the most ambitious, those who want to actually change their life, this is the most powerful frame. Choose anything you wanna change or become : we will do it !


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